What are your favorite foods?
Yummy tofu! I have been a vegitarian for more than 10 years and have acquired a taste for healthy foods. I know that probably scares all you meat eaters out there, the thought of nothing but tofu and vegitables all the time, but that's how I eat :-)

What would be your ideal pet?
I am currently in search of a pug chihuahua mix. If you have ever seen one it would be your favorite dog too :-) They are adorable!!!

What is your favorite type of act to do in performance?
For stage performances, I like girl girl S+M scenes a lot, I think visually they are more erotic..... especially when there is a theme, and costumes! When it comes to private parties, however, I get a lot kinkier. I have always been an exhibitionist, so I love getting fucked in front of a room full of people :-)

Do you ever go out without underwear on?
Yep, all the time! I like to see if anyone will notice- surprisingly no one usually does! I especially enjoy wearing really shear long skirts without panties :-)

What cities do you enjoy the most and why?
I don't get to vacation too often, so I have to pick where I travel too carefully... this past year I went to New Orleans twice and also to New York. Both cities are both so visually beautiful! Being a tourist I did not know exactly where to go but just wandering around was forever entertaining just because of how different the architecture is there compared to here........ I feel the same way about San Fran, but it's been a couple years since I have gone there....

Scar is the fastest rising star in the world of gothic fetish erotica and fashion today. She has already appeared in SWAG showing Molly Made couture to fabulous effect, modeled Retail Slut fashion in Gothic Beauty, and graced the pages of the upscale glossy European magazine Marquis many times showcasing fashions by some of the hottest designers as well as a number of her own dramatic designs, in addition to appearing in numerous other scene publications and professional catalogs.